Good Vibrations: 7 Incredible Benefits of Bone Conducting Headphones

Are you still looking for that perfect pair of headphones?

By this point, you’ve probably tried hundreds of pairs without any success. Before you go down the same route, you should consider bone-conducting headphones. But you might never have heard of them before and don’t know what benefits they can bring.

Fear not! Read on for our list of 7 incredible benefits of choosing bone-conducting headphones. Once you try them, you won’t go back!

What Are Bone Conducting Headphones?

Bone conducting headphones work but resting on the listener’s cheekbones. There aren’t any buds that you have to stick into your ear or put over them. As such, unlike traditional options, they don’t cause the eardrum to vibrate.

The cochlea still needs vibrations to pass the information along. With bone-conducting headphones though, the cochlea receives its information through bone vibrations.

There are many brands out there, and it’s important to pick the right one to suit your needs. Check out this helpful article for more details on choosing the right pair.

  1. Increased Situational Awareness

This could be the biggest benefit you’ll notice so we’ll focus a little more on it. We all enjoy losing ourselves in a playlist or audiobook. Though it might feel great to close off from the world, you’re opening yourself up to accidents instead. Traditional headphones don’t allow you to pay as much attention to the world around you.

This means that you can miss traffic noises, car horns and other signs that could prevent an accident. A study by the University of Maryland School of Medicine shows, in Baltimore, 70% of those accidents ended up in death.

Bone conducting headphones don’t have speakers going into or over your ears. As such, they aren’t reducing your senses and spacial awareness.

If you are out running, you can hear another runner coming up behind you. If you are driving, you can still hear hazards. Same as if you’re working in an office… you remain engaged to colleagues and the office environment.

  1. Good for the Hard of Hearing

If you are hard of hearing or use hearing aids, these headphones are a great option! In the US, one in eight people (13% or 30 million people) above the age of 12 has hearing loss in both ears. That’s a lot of people who might not even realize they’re suffering on some level.

Traditional earbuds or headphones tend to interfere with and irritate hearing aids. As they sit outside the ear, bone-conducting headphones avoid this issue.

In addition to this, people who have deafness in one ear can enjoy stereo sound. This might otherwise not be heard with traditional options. In short, bone-conducting headphones can give a whole new sense of hearing. One that may not have been possible before.

  1. A More Comfortable Fit

We’ve all felt the frustration of earbuds that won’t stay in our ears. Or that make our ear canals hurt after a while. Sometimes, over-the-ear headphones are too heavy and clunky for what we need them to do.

It’s safe to say most headphones and earbuds aren’t known for being comfortable. It’s annoying, for example, if you’re trying to work out and the earbud won’t stay in your ear once you start sweating. Or your over-the-ear headphones are weighing you down.

Bone conducting headphones remove all that discomfort from the equation. They’re leaving your ears alone. For many, they are a far more comfortable option if this is something you struggle with.

  1. A Unique Listening Experience

These headphones provide a listening experience, unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. To be able to listen to your favourite songs or books while still hearing the world around you is out of this world. We aren’t exaggerating!

You’ll experience a multi-layered, unique experience that is hard to imagine. Like you are a superhero with superpowers. It’s something you should try, for the experience alone as you need to hear it, to believe it.

  1. Safer on Your Ears

Your ears are one of the most delicate parts of your body. We touched upon hearing loss earlier, but headphones can actually cause hearing loss.

A collection of small curves and membranes (among other things) are what makes them work. Excessive vibrations from loud sounds can damage the eardrum if you aren’t careful. To protect the eardrum is why they also say you shouldn’t use cotton swabs to clean your ears.

Once the damage has occurred, you may experience hearing loss. You may no longer be able to hear smaller ranged sounds and softer, muted sounds. As bone-conducting headphones bypass the eardrum, they are much easier and safer on the ear. This makes them a better choice for listening to music for long periods… or at higher volumes.

  1. Less Stressful on Your Ears Too

Like most, you might like to listen to your music, movies, or other media a high volume, for prolonged periods. Not only do bone-conducting headphones reduce damage, but they also reduce stress on your ears too. With less stress and associated pain on your eardrum, you can enjoy your media to its fullest.

Another benefit is that others around you don’t have to put up with any noise pollution from high volumes. As these headphones are vibration-based, there is no sound for anyone but the person wearing them.

  1. A Greater Range of Sound

With bone-conducting headphones, you’ll get a wider range of sound. Higher tones, and softer, quieter sounds should be easier to hear. they are normally harder to hear because they are in the tenor range. Even people without hearing difficulty can miss their shallow, rapid vibrations.

The lower, bass tones’ vibrations are deep and booming. These are often felt before they are heard. This is also why lower tones are easier to hear.

Think about your noisy neighbours. You hear the booming patterns of the vibrations from their music more than the music itself. Because these headphones deal in vibrations, you won’t miss those higher, softer tones.

Bone Conducting Headphones – A Real Contender

So there you have it! It’s clear why you should ditch traditional options and take a chance on bone-conducting headphones instead. There are a whole host of benefits that you won’t get from anything else.

Not only do they improve your situational awareness, but they are also much better for your ears too. They also provide a unique, enhanced sound experience that you shouldn’t miss!

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