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7 Things You Can Do With Your Phone To Kill Boredom

Smartphones have slowly taken over the world by providing almost every service possible right in the palm of one’s hands. With a simple click you can message and call people all over the world and also download apps for pretty much any activity. Whenever we find ourselves in boring situations, in a waiting room, commuting to work or school our first instinct is to pull out our phone and find some source of entertainment. Smartphones today do in fact offer incredible apps perfect for TV lovers, aspiring chefs, workout fanatics as well as professional or amateur artists. Here are 7 things you can do on your smartphone to get rid of your boredom!

One of the most common ways people pass time on their smartphone is by streaming some kind of movie or tv show. Watching TV on the go has become extremely easy thanks to affordable data plans that allow people to keep up with their TV anywhere they may be. TV Streaming services have recently become very popular and there many to choose from.  You can browse on uk.chili.com for example, to find all the latest tv shows and movies, even ones recently released in cinemas. Titles can be watched on iOS and Android devices as well as on smart TVs and laptops.

For voracious readers smartphones have also become a key to bringing around all their favourite books and having them accessible at any time and in any place. Whether you’re on your commute, on vacation or waiting for a friend there are numerous free reading apps where you can download and store great reads. A few wonderful apps are: Aldiko, which offers a highly customizable reading interface and Bookfunnel, a great way to discover new authors with freebie chapters, short stories and novels. For those who love listening to books, Amazon’s audiobook subscription service Audible is easy to use! A few classics for Apple and Amazon lovers are also iBooks and Kindle.

Anyone who has a passion for knowledge and trivia should certainly make sure to download mobile trivia apps. These are perfect for game nights with friends and for learning a little something new every day. Logos Quiz tests to see how much of a branding pro you really are with fun logo quizzes and ExQuisIt is one the heaviest hitters on the trivia scene containing over 12,000 challenging questions adjusted according to your location, skill level and selectable categories.

If you’re looking to kill some time on your phone why not take the opportunity to meet like-minded people and make friends through one of the many social apps available. With a simple swipe you can find a potential partner or friend! Two great social apps are: MeetMe, one of the most popular apps with 100 million-plus diverse users looking to build friendships and Bumble, a social app best known as the women-first dating app but which also offers a great platform for forming friendships! Start chatting away and see where these apps can take you!

Meditation apps are also a great pass time and supplement to a mindfulness practice as they can help you meditate anytime and anywhere whenever you may need it! Experts have selected Insight Timer as one of the best meditation apps as it has some of the most experienced mindfulness teachers on it. Yogaglo also has a large variety of guided meditations to choose from with very well-respected teachers.

If you’re someone who loves listening to music and even creating it then why not download a music production app? Apple’s GarageBand is one of the best all-around music production apps as you can produce full-length songs, play virtual piano and drums, record your voice with the mic and apply sound effects as well.

As tablets and smartphones have increased in capabilities, sketching and painting apps allow you to have a full art studio right in your hands! Whether you’re an artist or someone who just likes to doodle in their free time there are numerous drawing and painting apps for professionals or amateurs alike! Adobe has created a free sketching app named Adobe Illustrator Draw which features simple interface, intuitive gesture mechanics and a comprehensive feature list with which to create and save vector illustrations directly from your Android device. ArtFlow also offers a slew of brush options and in-app features available with a simple click. The free options allows you to save art as either JPEG or PNG while the Pro version allows you to export all layers in PSD format so you can continue working on your desktop.

While these are just a few fun apps to kill the time there are truly an infinite number of other apps available to download. There are also many great game apps available perfect for gamers!

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