Huawei P30 Pro Case Rundown – Speck, Ringke & DGBAY

You’ve just returned home to find a parcel has been signed for. Could it be? You walk through the door gingerly as if your mere presence will reverse the delivery, and spot the box on the stairs. Sneaking up to it, you see the branding; your new smartphone has arrived! You then start to shiver and sweat, as you are frozen to the spot with fear. What if you drop it and shatter it into a million pieces? You didn’t mean it – it wasn’t your fault! What if you forget that your keys are in the same pocket and that stunning glass back finish is defaced? Fear not, today we’re looking at Huawei P30 Pro case offerings from a generic TPU brand, DGBAY, as well as solutions from heavyweights, Ringke and Speck. Let the battle commence!

We’re going to start here by point out this isn’t really a review as it is a bit of a comparison of some of the types of cases you can get for your new smartphone, in this instance the Huawei P30 Pro. We’ll look at Aesthetics, Build and Protection, and Comfort and Feel as categories, but no, we won’t be performing any drops!

So, let’s just give a bit of an overview of the combatants shall we?

  • Ringke Fusion
  • Speck Presidio Stay Clear
  • Dual layer PC panel and premium TPU 
  • 2x tough coating enhances the original look with minimal bulk
  • Shock Absorption Technology
  • Active Touch buttons for a more natural responsive feel
  • New and improved designed protective bumpers around the fragile edges of your case to improve shock-absorption 
  • Secure your device with a specialized QuikCatch built-in lanyard hole to attach wrist straps or neck straps for your convenience.
  • Soft Premium TPU 
  • Ultra Thin, flexible and lightweight
  • Anti-fingerprint: 20% fingerprints less than other similar products
  • Screen and Camera Protection: Raised camera and screen edge to protect the camera and screen
  • Fully Assurance: Free replacement if issues occur
  • 8-Foot Drop-Protection With IMPACTIUM CLEAR
  • Two Tough and Durable Layers of Protection
  • Raised Bezel Screen Protection
  • Stays Clear: Coating prevents discolouration caused by UV rays and oil absorption
  • Scratch-Resistant Finish
  • Allows for Wireless Charging
  • Thoroughly Tested for Durability
  • Lifetime Warranty: Speck® backs each Presidio® STAY CLEAR case with a lifetime warranty.


huawei p30 pro case
Ringke Fusion Case

It’s quite different across the patch here. Let’s take them one by one. The Ringke Fusion is a rigid unit, and is squared off on the edges, has quite a lot of angles around the case, and has a single cut out on the rear to cover both the main camera unit and the ToF and flash module too. The design is clean aside from a spaced-out dotted pattern on the case which you don’t notice immediately.

The buttons are designed differently too with a textured finish on the power button, and a clear flat single rocker for the volume controls. I appreciate the different feel here as with all the buttons on the same edge of the Huawei P30 Pro, it’s nice to be able to find the button without looking and textures help with this.

huawei p30 pro case
Speck Presidio Case

The Speck Presidio Stay Clear has the same sort of cut out on the rear for the optics of the Huawei P30 Pro, but has a more rounded back. Putting it on a flat surface will see it rocking a little on its concave construction. There’s also a little bit of branding on the Speck unit with their logo at the top right of the back face as you look at it. It’s tasteful though.

Additionally, the Speck Presidio Stay Clear case has a more netted look which shrouds the colour of your smartphone when in the case. It’s still a dotted pattern but much more compact than on the Ringke model which changes the look of the case. It also has a pretty unique USP – it has a special coating to stop discolourisation from UV or finger oil, hence the name, Stay Clear.

The buttons on the Speck Presidio Stay Clear are all separate, and all flat with no texture and the case is of the rigid type also.

huawei p30 pro case

The DGBAY case is the only flexible one we’re looking at here and it has some similarities strangely. Starting with the differences, the case is, as previously mentioned, a flexible case, and is also the thinnest looking case in the lineup.

The camera cutouts are split into two sections with the main camera and the ToF and flash modules being separated.

The buttons on the DGBAY case are the slimmest of the three cases and have no texture, whilst the case overall has a similar dot pattern to the Ringke, albeit not as pronounced and are perhaps a little closer together.

Aesthetics Winner – Ringke Fusion

The Ringke takes the victory in this category and it’s completely subjective. I thought the rounded back of the Speck just made the unit look a little more cumbersome than the Ringke, and the tight, clean angles of the Ringke won the day along with the textured buttons.

Build & Protection

This category is perhaps the most important for those that choose a case. Whilst the design of the case you choose will be more personal, the fact you choose to cover your new device in a case at all is telling; you want to protect it from drops, scrapes and scratches, right?

We have to take the marketing claims at face value here to a certain extent as we certainly won’t be performing any scientific testing. From looking at the cases though you would be forgiven for discounting one of them; the DGBAY. There isn’t any drop test collateral delivered for any unit here but the Speck Presidio Stay Clear case.

Speck claims that the case has been engineered to prevent a drop from 8-foot. That’s high! Based on the construction I can believe it too. The Ringke suggests shock absorption, whilst the DGBAY suggests it protects the back better due to being a soft TPU case.

Build & Protection Winner – Speck Presidio Stay Clear

The fact that they specifically call out a drop test metric, and the unit is a little bulkier than either of the other contenders makes this one relatively clear-cut.

Comfort & Feel

huawei p30 pro case

This is the category that is going to determine whether you stick with a case long-term or continue the never-ending search. I thought this one was going to be clear-cut, but I’m torn a little here.

There are benefits to the feel and the intrinsically linked comfort factor or all of these cases. Yes, that’s right, all three, including the soft TPU DGBAY entry, have positives here.

The Ringke Fusion is the least bulky of the two rigid cases, with the Speck Presidio Stay Clear just feeling a little bigger in the hand. The Ringke masks its size by utilising angles really well in the construction. It feels hardened and reassuring in hand.

The Speck Presidio Stay Clear feels bigger, yes, but it clasps the phone better than either of the other cases, wrapping its curved edges around the device.

The DGBAY, on the other hand, is the slimmest case in the roundup and feels the closest to using the phone naked, which some might prefer. IT loses heavily on the aesthetics and the protection is anybody’s guess compared to the others, but in pure comfort factor it does a decent job. No wonder these types of cases sell like hot cakes!

Comfort & Feel Winner – It’s A Draw!

I couldn’t separate them really. I know which one I’d rather use, taking all of the categories into consideration, and no, it wouldn’t be the DGBAY. That said, in this category alone the DGBAY actually provides the cleanest (if that’s the right word) option for those who hate cases with a passion. They won’t feel it much! They all could do much better by delivering a more grippy texture on the outside as all three wouldn’t pass the 45 degree incline test; you’d be picking them off the floor!

Suffice to say that there are a number of different types of cases out there to wrap around your new precious, even more than we’ve included here. There are flip cases as well as magnetic cover cases, as well as protection that doesn’t come in the form of a case at all. You could opt for a full protection system where you apply some liquid coatings to your device which dry clear and prevent your device from scratching. Be aware this might not help too much if you drop it though.

Overall Winner – Draw – Speck Presidio Stay Clear & Ringke Fusion 

Go and take a closer look at all of these using the links below.

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