Gocomma MOCUTE 050 Game Controller: Cheap With A Bit Of Cheer

I’m not actually much of a mobile gamer, and as I get older, perhaps less of a gamer at all. I have my go-to titles, but I tend to not experiment as much as I once did with games. I got to thinking that this was perhaps that a lot of games I’d want to play required advanced controls and as such lend to more PC titles than mobile ones. On a mission to rectify that and see whether my gaming lethargy could be cured, Gearbest hooked me up with the Gocomma Mocute 050 to hook up to my mobile device and get to gaming.

Gocomma Mocute 050
  • Price is right
  • Works with every game tested
  • Good battery life
  • Familiar design
  • Cheap construction
  • Buttons feel very hollow and lifeless
  • Device holder needs more movement
  • Durability concerns

Buy on Gearbest – £13

First up, who are Gocomma? They trade through import e-tailer, GearBest and have a variety of keenly priced electronics and peripherals including audio, video and smart home and wearable tech. Head on over to their shop on Gearbest to look at more products.

Gocomma wasn’t a name I was familiar with, having spent most of my time when shopping on Gearbest looking at the likes of the Xiaomi or Umidigi, and paying less attention to other brands. When Gearbest told me they were sending me something from a brand called Gocomma, I could be easily guessed what I was going to receive, accurately assessed the potential quality of the product, as well as the price. I did just that, and I was spot on.

Gocomma Mocute 050
Banana for scale…

The Gocomma Mocute 050 is a very lightweight little game controller. Its construction is purely plastic, and mostly black, with a touch of orange here and there. It resembles an Xbox controller with a top left and bottom right analog sticks, with a directional pad at the bottom left, and an X-Y-A-B button ensemble at the top right. Where a Start and Select button might be on an Xbox controller, sits the Power and Mode select buttons on the Gocomma Mocute. The Start and Select buttons are situated higher than this, with shoulder and trigger buttons in the usual areas.

Straight down the centre is the device holder which swings up from the main portion of the controller and can be pulled apart to hold a smartphone of up to 6.5-inches in size. There aren’t many that this won’t be compatible with but just check before purchasing anyway.

The Gocomma Mocute 050 feels very, well, cheap. It might feel that way because it is. At under £15 for a device like this, it might well be warranted and I’d accept that argument. It’s not heavy either at just 160 grams, which doesn’t help with the general impressions of the construction.

Don’t go throwing this around; not because it’s expensive to replace – we’ve established it isn’t, but just because it might not survive a drop.

Gocomma Mocute 050

The game controller supports a variety of platforms, with Android, iOS and PC starring. In my testing, I used this controller solely with Android devices, and pairing was nice and simple.

I managed to play for about 25 hours (not consecutively) without having to recharge the device, so I can fully believe the 40-hour playtime advertised. Equally, if you do suffer any low battery whilst gaming, you can charge and play at the same time, so a small power pack will keep the included 400mAh battery topped up.

Testing a variety of games with the Gocomma Mocute 050, such as RPG, Sports, and Action/Arcade-esque titles, I have to say I did enjoy my time playing with it. Let’s highlight some of those positives first.

As I’ve mentioned before, it’s very easy to pair with devices, and the fact you can change the modes to suit the OS, whilst ubiquitous in these types of devices, is nice at this lowest of low prices. All buttons work as assigned, and, again as I mentioned, I didn’t suffer any low battery during testing, as well as connectivity never becoming an issue.

It’s lightweight construction, whilst a negative I’ll come on to, is also a blessing in disguise. It’s portable, and it’s easily pocketable, so gaming on the go is nice and simple.

Now for the not so positive remarks. It feels hollow, and the buttons are without resistance. It’s almost as if there is nothing underneath them. In fact, I’d definitely believe that was the case, however bottoming out the buttons actually cause my on-screen player to complete an action, so I know there is something going on in there!

It charges via micro USB which some will have a bit of a screech about, and I have to say I’m starting to side with them. This, along with the fact that 400 mAh battery included takes over 2 hours to charge (why!) is frustrating.

The phone holder portion, whilst big enough for the majority of devices does feel flimsy and flexes quite a bit so I’m left wondering as to the longevity of this device. Additionally, the holding portion doesn’t flip back quite far enough for me. It’s more than usable, but my wrists did feel fatigued after an hour of playing and gripping the unit. I’m starting to think that the construction might actually be helping in this, but it’s still not incredibly comfortable.

Let me round off this review by pointing to the price again. £13 at the time of writing might only get you a couple of drinks in a City bar, maybe slightly more if you’re purchasing Coffee, and this needs to be in mind when reviewing such a device under normal circumstances. It’s also worth nothing other similarly priced products I’ve tried before are incredibly similar too.

The Gocomman Mocute 050 sits squarely in the fit for purpose bucket as it delivers on the core requirements from such a device; it operates as expected, connects without issue and stays connected, button presses all work, and has a good battery life as advertised. It’s just how it delivers it. It’s certainly worth a punt for the cash, but there are better controllers out there for sure and if you’re anything but a casual player you might well want to invest a little more to ensure construction and design are a little more up to par.

You can find more great deals on Gearbest in their flash sale – check it out!

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