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[GIVEAWAY]Win a PUBG Xbox One Code

All this talk of chicken dinners, and I’m feeling quite hungry to give something away on this glorious Mother’s Day.

Want to make your mother proud today by reaching the ultimate goal of PUBG and winning that illustrious chicken dinner? Enter the competition below for a chance to win a download code for PLAYERUNKNOWN’S Battlegrounds for the Xbox One!

What is PUBG?

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Unless you aren’t all-too-familiar with video games, it’s hard to ignore PUBG and what is has accomplished over a short space of time.

PUBG has popularised the ‘Battle Royale’ gametype, where you get thrown off a plane into the unknown with nothing but the clothes on your back with 99 other people. The aim of the game? To be the last one standing, and claiming your first ‘Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner’. On your travels on this vast space, you will come across weaponry, armour, vehicles, and sneaky enemies to eliminate on your way to #1.

Think you got what it takes? Enter below:


PUBG Xbox One Code Giveaway

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