Huawei Retail Store Opens In Barcelona

We’ve all heard of and likely seen an Apple store, some of us have even seen and experienced Microsoft Stores and Samsung stores, well now we can add Huawei to that list. Huawei has opened an experience Centre in Madrid, the largest one of its kind outside of China.

Huawei Space Launch

In Madrid (On Gran Via), there is a nice 1100m2 building called the Huawei Space. This is going to be a catch-all hub, meaning that not only can you buy Huawei devices there and get support for your devices, but they’ll also have product demos, masterclasses on photography helping you to take better photos on your brand new P30 Pro etc.

Huawei Space Launch

Local brick and mortar presence do tend to help brand recognition and stability, ask Apple, Microsoft and Samsung, all of whom when they open new stores do see sales boosts as well as the better press.

Whilst the normal store aspect of the Huawei Space is interesting, I think that’s pretty much table stakes for opening a branded store. What Is interesting to me is the experience zones and the masterclasses. Everyone likes to think they’re a master photographer, but having a phone with a stunning camera doesn’t automatically mean you’ll take great photos (though, it’s pretty hard to take bad ones with a P30 Pro) having someone at one of these stores who knows how to compose a shot properly, who can teach you the skill of framing, of lighting, of whatever it is that is needed to make the photos you want to take better, that’s a great niche to be in. Huawei phones have a very extensive manual mode, most of which I rarely delve into due to lack of knowledge, if I had the Huawei Space near me, I’d definitely hit it up for some tips.

Huawei Space Launch

The Huawei Space isn’t as clinical as the Apple or Xiaomi stores, not is it as modern as a Microsoft store, but it feels fashionable and stylish, as if it is not even trying to be cool, but it is. Lighting is nice without being blindingly white, device areas are plentiful and well-spaced out, it’s an awesome effort.

Huawei Space Launch

So, if you’re in Madrid, happen to be on Gran Via, head to No.48 and go check out the Huawei Space, as I would be if I were able to.

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