Honor 20 Pro Gets Released On 1st August

The saga of the Honor 20 series is a bit much to get into right now, but long story short, Honor launched them just as the Trump Administration was enacting their ban of sales to Huawei and subsidiaries as part of the entity list, which meant that the event kind of fell flat. People were excited for the phones they just saw, but we weren’t sure if they’d ever actually ship, or if those prices we saw where even accurate, well, now we know. The last of the Honor 20 series, the Honor 20 Pro is launching on August 1st for £549.99 at Carphone Warehouse, Argos, Amazon, Very, MPD, A1 Comms.

Honor 20 Pro launch

Honor 20 Pro LaunchWhat’s the best thing? If you buy between the 1st and the 18th of August you get a Free Honor Watch Magic! a smart fitness watch with a price tag of £179.99 usually – bargain.

If you need a recap of what the Honor 20 Pro is, I don’t blame you as It’s been a while. we have a 6.26″ IPS LCD screen with a hole punch cut out in the top left for the 32mp selfie camera. That screen is 2340×1080, not the highest resolution ever but Honor has a habit of choosing pretty great quality LCDs, so I’m not too worried. I would prefer OLED, but Honor tends to stick to LCD for reasons unbeknownst to me (it’s likely for cost-saving reasons).

Next is the SoC, we have the ever-awesome Kirin 980 from HiSilicon. This is a high-end SoC with a core configuration as follows: 2x Cortex A76 cores at 2.6Ghz, this is the performance cluster, then there are another Cortex A76 cores at 1.92Ghz this is the “normal use” core set, then we have 4x Cortex A55’s at 1.8Ghz. Then the Mali G76 is the GPU core that HiSilicon chose, the highest-end GPU (as of manufacture) from ARM in a 10 core config. This monster chip is fabricated on TSMCs 7nm fab making it pretty power-efficient and cool, which is exactly what you want in a phone chip. This is paired with 8GB of LPDDR4X RAM and 256gB of eMMC storage, all in all, this is pretty great.


Honor 20 pro Launch
Photo from GSMArena

Next up is the Cameras on the back, and like the P30 Pro in my pocket right now, Honor has outfitted their best with a quad-camera system, but it’s not a carbon copy of what parent company Huawei uses. the main camera is a Sony IMX586, this is a 48mp camera (With Quad-Bayer array) set up to take some absolutely stunning 12mp shots via pixel binning. The next lens is the 16mp ultrawide camera, Honor is saying this is an effective 13mm lens making the viewing angle about 115-120 degrees, awesome! Next up is the 8mp telephoto lens, this is a 3x optical zoom from the main camera, similar to what Huawei did on the P20 Pro. Lastly is the camera I’m least interested in, it’s not a depth sensor as on the standard Honor 20, but it is the same 2mp Macro camera, I won’t say it is useless, but it is a very low resolution, and other phones use the ultrawide camera for the macro shots, and I don’t see why this couldn’t have been done here as well.

Honor 20 Pro Launch
Photo from GSMArena

Then we have the other stuff, like the 4000mAh battery, the 22.5w SuperCharging, Bluetooth 5.0,802.11ac WiFi, NFC and the side mounted fingerprint scanner. Yes, Side-mounted, as although we’ve seen researchers claim they can do in-display fingerprint scanners through LCDs, it’s no commercial yet, and a good capacitive scanner is still better in most cases.

We’ve reached out to Honor to get our hands on an Honor 20 Pro ASAP because we here at MobileTechTalk are pretty excited to see what Honor have in store for the high end.

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