Potential X Earbuds – Boost Your Productivity?

On MTT we love technology that doesn’t necessarily follow the tried and tested path to market; the technology that looks to deliver something a little different to the consumer, and with the Potential X Earbuds, we think we’ve found something that we all might be interested in and might just be the next professional-focused wearable.

Potential X is a start-up based in London that is looking to create the World’s first pair of productivity-boosting earbuds. The idea is that with this pair of specially designed earbuds in, you’ll be able to focus more on the tasks you’re undertaking, and not just because they drown out the outside world with active noise cancellation. Instead, they use small embedded sensors within the Potential X buds that detect the wearer’s brainwaves.

Potential X

This technology isn’t new, being used solely by NASA astronauts and FTSE 500 CEOs in the past, so to provide a consumer product for the masses, at a fair price, has taken some time.

The Potential X buds track the user’s brain activity via the EEG sensors, in real-time, and alerts the user when the measurements denote a lack of focus. This can guide the wearer back to the task at hand, making them more productive.

Potential X

Our hope is that embedding beneficial, helpful biofeedback in everyday activities will be a valuable contribution to society – Alan Pope, NASA Scientist, Langley Research Centre

Don’t take their word for it alone. Studies have shown that this type of Neurofeedback conditioning has been proven to work in scientific evaluations too (Gruzeier, 2016).

Potential X

It’s safe to say that there are still sceptics out there, and we look forward to putting this to the test ourselves as we could certainly utilise such a technology!

Head on over to the Potential X website to learn more and to ensure you have access to an exclusive launch-day deal at the beginning of August 2019.

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  1. This isn’t a review. You’re just marketing the product.

    • Hi – it’s not a review, as it’s not in the review section. We were contacted by this company and had followed some of the tech associated with it, so covered it in a brief news piece.

  2. Do you have a review now?

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