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Galaxy S10+ Hands-On : The Big Boy

After the awesome unpacked event In London, I got a chance to check out the Galaxy S10, S10+ and the S10e along with the new peripherals. We didn’t get to spend all day with the devices, but here are my thoughts and first impressions of the Samsung Galaxy S10+.

Let me just say, this thing is gorgeous. It’s big, that’s for damn sure, but man is it pretty. Starting off with this 6.4” Dynamic AMOLED I didn’t think it was possible for Samsung to make their already class-leading displays much better than before, but they’ve done it yet again. I want to address something they stated on stage, that these displays produce 42% less “harmful blue light” which sounds like complete and utter tosh to me if I’m being honest, but looking at the screen, it just felt nicer? I can’t quite describe what it was about the screen that made it nicer to look at but it did. The colours popped and the blacks were black, the viewing angles were great and every colour shows exactly as you’d it be. I just didn’t want to take my eyes off the screen. I’m not sure if this is due to them getting rid of errant blue light radiation or what, but man is it a pretty screen.

Whilst discussing the screen we need to address the elephant in the room – that camera cutout. It isn’t an issue for me, and I doubt it will be for many. The cutout is small, despite housing two sensors, and it is in the top right corner of such a tall screen that you barely spend any time looking that high up the screen, so it’s really not much of an issue in my opinion and most of the people I spoke to last night agreed.

Even under the notoriously harsh lighting conditions of launch events, the camera on the S10+ showed no issues capturing detail. It was fast to focus, fast to expose, and when the subject in shot moved the camera adapted. The other impressive ability the Galaxy S10+ (and the others devices in the family) is that there is almost no lag in switching between the three cameras, which is mighty useful when you need to switch to a wide-angle to get the shot, but it is time sensitive.

We can’t find out too much from the 10 minute hands-on we get at these events, but it feels like a premium phone, which it should. The Galaxy the S10+ starts at £999 and goes up to £1600 for the 1TB version, but for that, you get absolute cleanliness. Everything lines up, every seam is perfect and the weight distribution of the phone seems to have had more effort put into it than some cars I’ve been in recently. Most importantly of all, that screen is sublime. Samsung is known for its impressive screen technology, and they keep leapfrogging themselves every year, and I still don’t know how they manage to create two generations of OLED a year, but the Galaxy S10+ display is a true stunner and I cannot wait for Displaymate to get their hands on it and show us what Samsung has done.

We are going to reach out to Samsung to get a review for the Galaxy S10 series, so drop us a comment with any questions and be sure to get hold of me (mobile_dom) and the rest of the MTT team on our social channels to ask about the devices!

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