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5 Essential Apps For Students

We’re coming to the end of the academic year here in the UK but that’s no excuse for not being prepared for your return. These days, there is an app for almost anything, and that is certainly the case when it comes to the life of a University student. There are …

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YogaBook – A Look Back

Dom bought a Yogabook back when they were first released and he left a great review for it too, so when I was offered the opportunity to test out the Windows variant of the Yogabook I wanted to see what was so good about it.

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Malware Mirai: Hide Your Mobile Devices!

Malware Mirai: Hide your devices!

Back in August 2016, a research group of IT professionals discovered a malicious software called Mirai. This malware joins the long list of viruses used by hackers to perform cyber attacks. Although you might think nothing of it, chances are: you probably should. Indeed, a few days ago, cyber experts …

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How Tile Managed To Save My MWC

So when I was getting ready to pack for MWC a few weeks back, I was going through my emails and I found an email from the PR company for Tile, a set of Trackers for your stuff, and they offered to send me some over and I thought I …

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EaseUS Data Recovery: Life Saver


Sitting comfortably? Good, I’ll begin my little tale. Once upon a time, on a small Tech-based website, an author was attempting to finish a review. Then suddenly, as if by magic, the data on his 1TB drive was no more. Now, I won’t bore you with the details of how …

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Merry Mobile Christmas – Top 5 (ish) Audio Bits

Merry Mobile Christmas

Okay so if you hadn’t noticed its December and that means Christmas is impending.  So here are 5 of this year’s recommended Audio bits and erm, one or several honourable mentions.  Okay so mostly it’s that I can’t really narrow things down to 5 or even to 10 so I’m …

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