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Get 2016 wearable reviews from the UK and around the world, covering the latest wearable tech releases and new technology from MobileTechTalk.

Xiaomi Smart Trainers: A Logical Step?

Xiaomi Smart Trainers

Xiaomi flood the market with an awful lot of mobile technology. From disruptive smartphones, to drones, to smart bands and wearables, Xiaomi are now a relatively well-known brand to tech heads here in the West. With the Xiaomi Smart Trainers (mysteriously difficult to find to import anywhere) have they taken …

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Honor Band Z1 Review

Honor Band Z1

Smartwatches and wearables became ubiquitous in 2015 with all the big players wheeling out their products with largely the same features at escalating prices based on aesthetics rather than differentiation. Honor, the Huawei-backed “digital native” brand, announced their Honor Band Z1 back in October 2015, featuring a paired back set …

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Xiaomi Mi Band 1S Review

Xiaomi Mi Band 1S

Xiaomi’s latest foray into the world of ultra-affordable smartphone accompaniments is a successor to their 2014 Mi Band, the Mi Band 1S. What does the 1S (or Pulse depending where you shop) offer over the original, and more importantly, does it retain the stellar price-point of the original. Read on for …

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OUKITEL A28 Smart Watch Review

For those of you with a good memory you may recall that some time back I had a “First Look” at the A28. From the pic’s and spec’s it all sounded pretty good, so much so that I ordered one. This then is me finally getting around to writing up …

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Fitbit Flex Review

First Impressions Well I forgot to take them at the time so I’m going by memory. At the time I was rather stunned by its appearance actually. You see I had bought a Lumia 735 when it was in that offer Microsoft was running. Buy a 735, 830 or 930 …

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Sony Smart Watch 3 Review

First Impressions A small plain little box, clear plastic and the rather plain looking watch. It’s all quite an non-fancy affair, simple and nondescript. The watch is just like the box, plain and simple looking. Actually I like it in the flesh more than in photos, the matte black strap …

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