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First Impressions

First Impressions of the latest mobile technology and product releases from the UK and around the world in 2016 from MobileTechTalk

Nextbit Robin – First Impressions

Nextbit Robin

It’s been two weeks since we got the Nextbit Robin in-house. What a mixed two weeks. The elation of finally having the device in hand. The disappointment of some of the zero-day bugs still to iron out. Let’s take a look at our first impressions.

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My Initial Thoughts on the Galaxy S7 Edge

About a year ago, I converted fully to Apple’s ecosystem. After years of switching between Android and iOS, I decided to make the jump to just one OS that could tide me over for 24 months, but I found that harder than I had first thought. I’ve been into smartphones …

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First Hands-On Images of the Galaxy S7 Leaked

It’s that time of year again, ladies and gentleman — where we’re all left wondering ‘What will each big player in the smartphone manufacturing world come up with next?’. Samsung, of course, are a hot topic when it comes to anything Android related; being touted as the ‘Apple of the …

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