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Talkin’ Tech is the new weekly podcast from the MobileTechTalk team. Join us each week for discussion and opinions from the world of mobile technology and beyond.

Talkin’ Tech Episode 47 – Card-Less Cashpoints

Join Dom, Chris and Mark as they talk about some of the news from the last week. They also ask to question, what’s more important full blown OS updates or security patches? Barclays have new ATMs that let you withdraw money without inserting a card – https://www.engadget.com/2016/11/21/barclays-contactless-cash/ Huawei Mate 9 …

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Talkin’ Tech Episode 45 – Free Facebook

Join Chris, Mark and our guest Fred as they talk about some of the news stories. They also talk about the Note 7 and talk about if they think that Samsung have done enough to recall the device. Virgin Media’s new 4G plans include FREE WhatsApp and rollover data – http://www.mobilechoiceuk.com/News/43539/virgin-medias-new-4g-plans-include-free-whatsapp-and-rollover-data.aspx …

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Talkin’ Tech Episode 44 – Surfaces and MacBooks, Oh My

Join Chris, Mark and Dom as they discuss the Microsoft events and Apple event. They also talk about  £100 phones as well as what accessories will be the next best thing. MPs want mobile carriers to be forced to allow roaming between each other for signal “not spots” –http://www.mobiletoday.co.uk/news/industry/43487/allow-mobile-phone-roaming-in-%E2%80%98not-spot%E2%80%99-coverage-areas-say-mps.aspx Remote …

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