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Askborg Easter Sale

Askborg are a growing mobile technology peripheral company with which we’ve recently had quite a lot to do with. They alerted us this morning to a sale they have going on and we just thought we’d pass on the good news!!!

askborg sale

We’ve reviewed a few Askborg products already with a few more to come so be sure to keep locked to the site and our social feeds. However, that’s not what this post is about. You came here for cheaper tech damn it, and cheaper tech you shall have.

All the below deals deliver £4 off the price of the device using the following coupon code: ASKBGEGG 

Check out ALL of their products over at their Amazon store, or on their Askborg website.

5200mAh Power Bank (£10.99 -> £6.99)

Buy Now – Amazon UK

We gave a couple of these devices away recently and loved its portability. Go and take a look as it just got cheaper!



10400mAh Power Bank (£17.99 -> £13.99)

Buy Now – Amazon UK

The Chargecube 5200mAh’s larger brother with a leather-effect aesthetic. Still portable but with double the charge!


20800mAh Power Bank (£33.99 -> £29.99)

Buy Now – Amazon UK

A larger power bank this time. Not quite as portable, but it’s going to juice your device up for a lot longer. Check out our review of it here!

Askborg ChargeCube

ExerSound Bluetooth Headset (£18.99 -> £14.99)

Buy Now – Amazon UK

We’re reviewing these currently and the early signs are good. Value wise they are a great proposition especially with this discount. Go pick them up and check back for our review! You can’t go wrong for £14.99!


ChargeDrive 2 USB Car Charger (£8.99 -> £4.99)

Buy Now – Amazon UK

Every driver needs one of these and with the included dual 2.4A charging ports you’ll get your device juiced up in no time. Bargain.


ChargeDrive 2 Lightning Car Charger (£12.99 -> £8.99)

Buy Now – Amazon UK

This charger has a built-in MFI Lightning cable as well as a USB port for another peripheral to charge. The benefit here is you can hide the cable in the dashboard if you’re so inclined and keep it static.



4x 1m Micro USB Nylon Cable, Black (£10.99 -> £6.99)

Buy Now – Amazon UK

Four individual microUSB cables. The world should be moving to USB Type-C, but there are still thousands of devices out there using microUSB – stock up!



1m Lightning MFi Nylon Cable, Grey (£8.99 -> £4.99)

Buy Now – Amazon UK

Oh yeah, and if you’re team Apple – stock up on these! They won’t be changing soon!





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