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HTC 10 – Great Enough?

The HTC 10 was launched back in April of 2016 as a competitor to the Samsung Galaxy S7 line up, the LG G5, and the Sony Xperia X. Specifications wise they all align but why is it then that HTC has found traction in the market hard? We take a …

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Retrospect: Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is still THAT good

Galaxy S7 Edge

Loud auditoriums, ballet dancers, camera flashes, YouTube video reviews and then – absolute silence. This is the short, floodlit, winding road that is universally traversed by all global players in the mobile industry when unveiling their “next big thing”. Sooner or later – usually sooner – the bandwagon moves on …

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Review: Olloclip 4-in-1


Something of a trend in the last 12-18 months has been additional lens for smartphone camera. Given the fact the majority of social media picture sharing come from Smartphones, people are wanting to take advantage of their uber-snappers on their phones and get a bit creative. So we took a …

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