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Tech enthusiast and Editor-in-Chief of MobileTechTalk

July, 2017

  • 27 July

    Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate: It Saved Me!


    Wondershare have been about as long as shareware has in the PC market. You may well have seen a Wondershare product featured on CNET, or various other download sites. Today we’re looking at a little app that will get you out of some sticky situations when you need to re-encode …

  • 19 July

    5 Essential Apps For Students

    We’re coming to the end of the academic year here in the UK but that’s no excuse for not being prepared for your return. These days, there is an app for almost anything, and that is certainly the case when it comes to the life of a University student. There are …

  • 11 July

    OnePlus 5 Review: Has OnePlus Settled?

    Oneplus 5

    OnePlus is synonymous with sticking two fingers up to the wider smartphone industry and doing it their way. It’s been a tough learning curve for the Oppo Electronic’s backed company over the last three years, and there has been a sea of poorly conceived marketing stunts, customer service issues and teething …

  • 5 July

    Gamdias Hermes M1 Keyboard: A Good All Rounder

    Gamdias Hermes M1

    Continuing our journey into Gamdias and their gaming peripherals, today I’m looking at the Hermes M1 7 Color (I know, there’s a ‘u’ in Colour, but that’s their branding). The Hermes is just one of the gaming keyboards Gamdias offer with the Hermes P1 RGB (a 10-keyless option) and the …

  • 3 July

    Venturer Saturn 10 Pro Review: Budget & Bulk

    Saturn 10 Pro

    Venturer, the people behind the BravoWin 2-in-1 Windows machine, are back with an Android version. With a 10.1″ Android tablet, Quad Core CPU, 32GB storage and 1GB of RAM sitting atop a magnetised included keyboard, is 2017 really in need of another 2-in-1, and what do you get for not …

June, 2017

  • 28 June

    Gamdias Hebe M1 RGB – Budget But Brilliant

    gamdias hebe m1

    Gamdias are a new name to the site, but not to gaming, or indeed myself. I’ve gamed, on and off, since ’96/’97 online, and I’ve always loved my gaming peripherals. Usually leaning towards Logitech due to their prolific use of Cherry MX key switches on their keyboards, and the likes …

  • 27 June

    Honor 9 Is Launched For Pre-Order

    Honor 9

    Quick on the heels of the Honor 8 Pro, an April 2017 release, Honor are looking to deliver their flagship offering, and spiritual successor to the Honor 8, the Honor 9 on 27th June 2017.

  • 22 June

    Soundpeats Q29 – Great Wireless Option

    Soundpeats Q29

    “Not another set of independently wireless/Bluetooth ear buds?” I hear you cry. Yes, yes we’re looking at another pair. How else are we to understand how the products compare without looking at a cross-section of the market? Exactly, so we are. The Soundpeats Q29 are similar to many of the units …

  • 15 June

    Jabees Shield Bluetooth Ear Buds: Great Audio; Fatal Flaw

    Jabees Shield

    We’ve reviewed Jabees earbuds previously with the Jabees BTwins. We were very happy with the audio from the units but if only they had an ear hook. This is exactly what Jabees has delivered with the Shield units. The Jabees Shield ear buds should allow would be gym goers hours …

  • 2 June

    Xiaomi Smart Trainers: A Logical Step?

    Xiaomi Smart Trainers

    Xiaomi flood the market with an awful lot of mobile technology. From disruptive smartphones, to drones, to smart bands and wearables, Xiaomi are now a relatively well-known brand to tech heads here in the West. With the Xiaomi Smart Trainers (mysteriously difficult to find to import anywhere) have they taken …